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Spring Juried Photography Exhibit
Coastal Perspectives
May 5 - July 2, 2023

CCA's first juried event of the year features photography with a theme of "Coastal Perspectives".

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Featuring Tom Gould
July 7 - August 27, 2023

On the Central Coast, light, air and nature combine to reward our attention. Visual artists/painters are challenged to capture that bounty (to the best of our ability; to the extent that paint on a flat surface can produce).

Tom Gould’s method includes a lot of looking, then photographs to capture a selected image. Next, he relates the proportions of the image or images to the proportions of the canvas by a drawing, followed by the application of acrylic paint (a combination of chemistry and craft).

In order to express the dynamics of the subject, eye, hand, and brush need to merge to follow and express the subject’s dynamic context: surges of seawater, shy vigilance of wildlife, patterns of growth and decline, even steady erosion - a spectrum defined in light, and always changing -

Connections these works are meant to make.

Past Exhibits

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Members' Exhibit
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Juried Show 2022
Two & Three Dimensional Fine Arts
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Fiber Art
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March 2022

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Irregularity x 2
Jeanette Wolff & Art Van Rhyn
November 2021

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Art & Liz / Father & Daughter
Artworks Inspired by Cambria
September 2021

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Spring Juried Exhibit
Theme: Illuminate
May 2021

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It's About Time
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March 2021

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"Taming the Restless Mind"
Featuring Deborah Pepin & Marvin Sosna
September 2020

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Summer Juried Exhibit
July 2020

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Featuring the COVID-19 Painting Group
May 2020

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"Montana de Oro"
Featuring the Cutting Edge Group
April 2020