Leadership Opportunities

CCA Board Treasurer

The Treasurer keeps us on track financially, for both the short- and long-term. S/he leads the planning, budgeting, oversight of the bookkeeper and accountant, investment strategy, metrics….all to help make sure we are financially healthy and can continue to grow.

As a member of the Board of Directors, leading an all-volunteer run organization, the Treasurer will also lead and participate in other facets of the CCA programs.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Develop short- and longer-term strategy for financial stability and growth.
  • Oversee banking and investment accounts.
  • Provide guidance on revenue-generating opportunities, including pricing, fundraising, grants and in-kind support.
  • Assist branch directors and President in managing expenses.
  • Provide Board with regular reporting necessary to guide the organization’s operations.
  • Work with accountant and bookkeeper for all necessary tax and legal filings.


  • Desire to support the arts in Cambria!
  • Organized, detail-oriented, with financial acumen
  • Willingness to commit the time and energy to contribute to an all-volunteer organization.

To learn more, please contact Mari Fedrow, Board President

CCA Managing Artistic Director, Visual Arts

The Managing Artistic Director is responsible for the the following:

  • Arrange steering committee meetings, including gallery, community projects and education.
  • Prepare a budget, work with the budget, track all expenses for the Gallery.
  • Attend Board meetings and serve on needed committees.
  • Schedule and organize art events, including Gallery shows and community art projects/events within the greater CCA calendar.
  • Create and monitor the achievement of branch goals for the Gallery.
  • Clearly define policies and procedures for the Gallery, community projects, education experiences, and volunteers.
  • Supervise and support managers and coordinators, including regular meetings.
  • Serve as an ambassador for CCA's Visual Arts, ensuring inclusion of all members of our community. Be available for publicity opportunities including interviews and events.
  • Network with other Arts organizations to provide more opportunities for our community members.

To learn more, please contact Mari Fedrow, Board President

Other Key Roles

We are also looking for people to assist with:

Marketing & Graphic Design. Help promote the great programs and events. Note: We'd like to find a volunteer to assist with periodic assignments but would also consider a paid arrangement. Contact us for more details.

CCA Facilities Makeover Committee. We're doing an update to some of our facilities! Looking for people interested in helping design, source or install new items to spruce up our home base.

Interested? Contact us at info@cambriaarts.org.

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