The Cambia Center for the Arts (officially known as Allied Arts Association of Cambria) is a nonprofit organization, open to all interested persons. Our members include artists, patrons and those who have an interest in the arts. Although the majority of our members live in Cambria, it is not a requirement of membership.  

Joining Cambria Center for the Arts is Easy!

Become an annual member of the Cambria Center for the Arts. Help support your local arts community. 

Supporting Member – $75/year
Participating Individual – $35/year
Participating Family – $50/year
Participating Student – $15/year

Membership Benefits

Becoming a Member Artist with CCA has several benefits. While Members and Non-Members are eligible to exhibit with us, Member Artists received discounts that more than pay for the annual membership fee., including:

  • Discounts on exhibit hanging/pedestal fees
  • Discounts on cabinet rental fees
  • Discounts on classes/workshops
  • Member Artist Showcase on the website (select the Member Showcase button below to view)
  • Participation in Artist Groups (select the Artist Groups button below for information)

Member benefits don't just apply to artists. We have the following benefits for all members:

Special Access to Content

  • Members-only portion of the website (coming soon)
  • Special event invitations
  • Online videos


  • $5 off main stage Theatre tickets
  • $5 off Readers Theatre tickets
  • 5% off Film Festival passes
  • Free tickets and increased discounts for volunteers

Early Access

  • Workshops
  • VIP festival passes
  • Audition alerts

Supporting Members

Honoring 2022 and 2023 Supporting Members, as of March 31, 2023.

Through their higher level of financial support each year, Supporting Members help ensure the stability and success of the Center

Thank you to our recent supporting members!

Tom Alexander
James & Elaine Levin Anderson
Carole Jean Attoe
Lyn Baker
Stephen Beck & Avril Allen
Ami Belli
Connie Bensusen
Jerry Borowick
Christopher & Dina Brazelton
Tish Leigh Breda
Shannon Brodigan
Carolyn Chambers
Karen Chrisman
Penny Church
Diana & Richard Clark
Susan Coyle
Gil & Valerie Eastman
Brian & Sheryll Ebbs
Midge Firenzi
Dennis Frahmann & Robert Tieman
William & Carol Gerlach
Kathy Gilles
Susan Gillison
Retagene Hanslik
Miguel & Odette Hernandez
Mary Humphrey
Jim Karjala
Barbara Kellogg
Audrey & Tom Killick
Chris Kratt
Robin Leidenthal
Judy Levine & Andy Pickar
Tom & Susan Loganbill
Tina Masiak
Georgette & Robert Milla
Cecelia Moore
John & Mary Nixon
Craig Penner & Pamela Grant
Barbara Pearson
Sharon Rossi
Mark & Karen Schiffman
Debra Scott
Ted & Suzy Siegler
Judith Skartvedt
Joe Sorenson
Karen Spain
Cindy Steidel
Cindy Stiles
Randy Stromsoe
Margo Ternstrom
Craig & Paulla Ufferheide
Dixie Walker
Art Watanabe
Rhonda Ysusi