Virtual Exhibits

Art & Liz / Father & Daughter

Artworks Inspired by Cambria

Art and Liz Sherwyn, father and daughter artists, are exhibiting a series of new works. The art exhibit will be on view September 4th-October 31st. An opening reception will be held September 4th, 4:30-6:30, followed by a reception and lecture September 25th, 4:30-6:30. Reservations are required for each of these events (see link below).  

Just off of a sold-out exhibition at BMOA, Art Sherwyn’s works are uniquely designed and colored urban and coastal compositions using a diverse interplay of lines, shapes, patterns and spaces. His use of color is uncommon and eye-catching. The architectural compositions are inspired and driven by the wide variety of shapes and patterns embedded in the buildings. His extraordinary handling and use of the line expose many smaller works of art within the whole.

Liz Sherwyn will exhibit her delicate paper cuts, combined with abstracted watercolor backgrounds. The works are inspired by the creatures of the coastal beaches - fish, birds, and 4de pool dwellers. Combining cut paper with watercolor creates a delightful interplay between the positive and negative shapes, and hard lines and soft edges. Her rhythmic and delicate cuts connect to the intrigue of most everyone who views them. There is a common thread which runs through their works; the use of cutting tools to produce line work which in their own unique way tell their own stories. Liz, cutting into paper and Art cutting into tape, the results are exciting.