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Cambria Center for the Arts is Committed to Our Community. 

As with many other businesses being financially impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, CCA has lost revenue because of the cancellations and closures. We would appreciate any special donations that you would be willing to provide, and thank you for your dedication to the arts in Cambria. For information about how we are responding to this situation, select the COVID-19 Response link.


The origins of the Cambria Center for the Arts date back to 1947 when various local artists joined together to form the Allied Arts Association. Our early home was in the Old Schoolhouse which was used primarily as the art gallery. In 1992 the association added a Theatre presence. Our move into the current facility – Cambria’s old Grammar School, now used by the Coast Unified School District offices -- started in 2006 when the theatre branch of the Association was able to produce shows in the gym/auditorium space. Soon after, we expanded, turning the halls into gallery space, enhancing the theatre and using former classrooms for meetings, workshops and classes. The Center expanded our programming in 2018 to include Film Arts, anchored by an annual film festival that takes place throughout Cambria.
Today, we continue to share the building with the school district and welcome everyone to participate in our programs there and around town.


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Cambria Center for the Arts engages the community through the inspiration, creation, performance and enjoyment of all art forms.