A Day in Cambria - Photo Challenge

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Even Trash Receptacles are Beautiful in Cambria by marissa mendenhall Turkey Trott by Jim Stempien Our Community Cares by marissa mendenhall “Human Charging Station” by Mark Garman Fudge by Alan Fraser Cambria's Beautiful Trash Receptacles by Marissa Powels 4 + 4 by Alan Fraser Storage by Alan Fraser Getting Ready by Alan Fraser Santa Rosa Creek Natural Preserve by Elizabeth Bettenhausen “Tiny Treasures Underfoot” by Mark Garman Sterling Forest by Wendy Lynn Wright All Roads Lead to the Ocean by Ted Siegler Strawberry Canyon by Wendy Lynn Wright Strawberry Canyon Signage by Wendy Lynn Wright Strawberry Canyon Bridge by Wendy Lynn Wright Banded Snowy Plover by Mary Shaffer Spring Blooms in San Simeon by Nicole Grant Feeling Free in Harmony by Kathleen Marlo America the Beautiful by Kathleen Marlo San Simeon Groves by Nicole Grant Octopus Delivery by Dena Kuhn San Simeon Bay by Nicole Grant Nothing says spring like a crocus bloom! by JANE LLOYD Cambria Pickleball by Helmut Kuhn Peek-a-Boo by Gail Bunting First Day of Spring Bunny by Mary Shaffer Spring Curtsy by Dena Kuhn Fan Dance by Kathleen Marlo Main Street Poppy by Mark Maine Eucalyptus Tree Bark by Mary Shaffer Where the Pine meets the Sea by Debbie Stevens Fibonacci by Gail Bunting Apple Blossom by Mark Maine Spring Sun and a Sea Breeze by Timothy Klaus “Cambria’s Crowded Beaches” by Mark Garman Spring Along San Simeon Creek by Kathleen Marlo Cambria Back Yard by Susan Oberholtzer Just a Splash by Tapp Hancock “Composition by Nature” by Mark Garman Cambria Crow by Kim Miller Chinese Fountain by Kim Miller A Link to the Past by Timothy Klaus Chinese Fountain Drops by Kim Miller It’s Spring stop and smell the Flowers by Lucy Matoian Old barn by Lola Copinga Frost’s Dilemma by Tish Breda Another Perfect Day by Tish Breda Lazy Dayz by Deirdre Charles Cambria Pines by Deirdre Charles Cambria Dreamin by Anita Miller PRETTY in PINK by Anita Miller Impressions & Reflections by Mary Shaffer Bulb Buddies by Anita Miller Brynn Albanese playing "Spring" by Vivaldi by Consuelo Macedo Red Tail Hawk by Michael Thomas Made a Silk Purse out of a Sows Ear by Anita Miller First Day of Spring by Lucy Matoian Heart of the trail by Debbie Stevens Sarah Guthrie would have had a peach tree abloom in her rose garden by Consuelo Macedo Poppies in Bloom by Lucy Matoian Nit Witt Ridge by Nicole Grant Mijx by Tish Breda Some Kind of Blue by Tish Breda You must get down and and dirty to see this wee jonquil by Consuelo Macedo Senior Living by Zee Greenwood Forest Treasures ~ Fairy Tale Mushrooms (Fly Agaric) by Vivian Krug Cotton The Hills are greening up! by Susan Oberholtzer Spring flight by KORINA DE BRUYNE Working Artist by Shari Fraser Spectacular View off Santa Rosa Creek Road by Vivian Krug Cotton The Other Side by Shari Fraser Eye-Spy Hearst Castle by Tapp Hancock Main Street by Shari Fraser Santa Rosa Creek Road Sycamore Trees and Their Shadows by Vivian Krug Cotton Take a Moment by Shari Fraser Moonstone Beach Drive Color by Mark Maine Is it Wine Time???? by Susan Oberholtzer San Simeon Wind Surfer by Ron Gross Historic Sam Simeon Schoolhouse by Ron Gross When lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed... by Consuelo Macedo The air, the colors, a new beginning. by Alex Warmer Fiscalini Preserve Forest Trail Loop by Vivian Krug Cotton Moonstone Boardwalk Purple by Mark Maine Colorful Courtyard by Nate Maas Moonstone Beach Boardwalk by Ron Gross Moonstone Beach Drive by Ron Gross we are not impressed by Susan Oberholtzer My View of Cambria by Sylvia Gailey Springtime at Leffingwell by Julia Whitt Moonstone by Jonathan Maas Beauty in Even the Most Unexpected Places by marissa mendenhall Miss on Box by Sylvia Gailey New pine on the Ranch by Lara Infuso Arches by Jonathan Maas At the end of the road by Julia Whitt Dolphin Bench on the Ranch by Lara Infuso Almost Easter by Nate Maas Sidewalk Ends by Julia Whitt The Trenton Trail by Lara Infuso Seagull Scenery by Jonathan Maas Rocky Butte looking on by Alex Warmer Coastline by Jonathan Maas Home Sweet Home by Julia Whitt Looking at Rocky Butte by Alex Warmer Love Locks by Nate Maas Crash on the Crag by Nate Maas Good Night Cambria by David Breda Turkey Strut by Lara Infuso Spring Surf Pacific Coast by Debby Boutros Santa Rosa Oaks and Willows by Helmut Kuhn Rocks and waves by Iain MacAdam Through the Cracks by Gail Bunting Moonstone Beach Sunset Romance by Debby Boutros Toasting the setting sun by Debbie Stevens Lost in Flowers by Tapp Hancock Rocks to cove by Iain MacAdam Rock and pebbles by Iain MacAdam Shelter by Gail Bunting Spring Equinox’s Beacon by Tapp Hancock Visitors Capturing the Golden Moment by Debby Boutros Sunset over the Pacific by Debbie Stevens Rocky coastline to point by Iain MacAdam Dinner in the Gardens by Helmut Kuhn Half a Year away from Halloween by Helmut Kuhn Goodnight Cambria by Oz Barron Cambria Night Wind Chimes by Sylvia Gailey