Academy Program

Digital Painting on iPad


July 30, 2022 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Cambria Center for the Arts - Green Room

This is a workshop on the iPad with ProCreate to explore together how to create a digital painting with digital elements of color, texture, brushes, pencil, calligraphy and photographs.

We’ll play with the power of layers, and learn how to export your creation for digital media or for print. 

At the end you will be able to watch a video of all the steps you took to put your artwork together!


Dena Kuhn is graphic designer, calligrapher and artist working with traditional and digital tools.

Helmut Kuhn is a professional photographer and app developer loving digital creations.

Cambria Center for the Arts - Green Room


An open mind for new art tools.

An idea of what you would like to paint or draw.

Apple iPad and Pencil will be provided for the workshop if you don’t have your own, but please bring your own iPad and pencil if you have them! 

Fee $25 for members $20