Donors & Sponsors

Give to the Arts

Do any of us go a day without enjoying the arts? We listen to music, watch interesting films, gaze at paintings on our walls, we create, we sing. The arts add joy, depth, meaning and perspective to our lives. Help us to keep the arts alive in Cambria by becoming a donor or a sponsor.

Your General support helps CCA with

  • Operational costs of the Center such as monthly rent, insurance, utilities, facilities maintenance, technology, Point of Service system, etc.
  • Advertising and marketing shows and projects
  • Supplies for open houses and other events
  • Volunteer appreciation gifts
  • Instructor fees, rent and supplies for classes

You can also donate to a specific area:

CCA Makeover Project

  • Help us to refresh our inside and out to make our center more welcoming, professional, and comfortable.

 Community Arts Project

  • With your support we can take the arts beyond our walls and engage our community in creating beautiful murals (like the one at 555 Main St.) sculpture gardens and more.


  •  Let’s keep our theatre alive with fresh performances of classics and modern shows. Help us to expand our offerings to include a variety of dance and musical performances. We are small but continue to upgrade our technology to be state of the art with your support.


  • Featured and local artists love to share their art on the walls of our unique gallery. The walls of a historical grammar school brought to life with paintings, drawings, photographs, and 3-D art. Help us to continue to offer this gathering place for artists.

Film Festival

  • Our Film Festival is receiving global recognition. Noted by film makers and film goers alike as highly organized, inviting, touching and unique. Help us to continue to conduct this festival focused on love, romance and the complexities of love each year.

What is the difference between a donor and a sponsor?

Both include donating money, a sponsor however will receive special recognition via name on programs, plaques or film introductions/endings. Throughout the year, we will inform you about special sponsoring opportunities. We are very appreciative of both!

Friends of Cambria Center for the Arts

Honoring Donors of $100 or more made in 2022 Donations help support the overall mission and specific programs of the Center.

Gifts can be directed to the

overall Center C
the Film Arts F
the Gallery G
Learning Programs L
or Theatre T

Multiple letters below indicate separate gifts were made to the respective programs.

Thank you to our recent supporters!

Anonymous C F G L T
Ginny & Greg Aitkens C F
Tom Alexander F
Avril Allan & Stephen Beck C
James & Elaine Levin Anderson C F
Walt Andrus & Loree Parral C F
Aaron & Lyn Baker C
Barbara Beane F Ami Belli F T
Elizabeth Bettenhousen C
Gean & Mark Bronson C
Cambria Community Fund T Carolyn Chambers C
Brian & Sheryll Ebbs C F
Ephraim Pottery F
Dennis Frahmann & Robert Tieman F
William & Diane Franciscovich F
Miguel & Odette Hernandez F
Ed & Linda Hughes C
Jane Johnanson C
In Memory of Barbara & Gordon Johnson C
Audrey Killick F Becky Kincaid C
Judy Levine & Andy Pickar C
Megg McNamee C
Nancy D. W. Moure C G
Moonstone Cellars Community Contribution L
John & Mary Nixon F Perry Erez Persoff T
Vy Nguyen Pierce & Erick Pierce C
Terri Pilot C T
Steve & Janice Rau C
Ted & Suzy Siegler C
Madeleine Sinclair T
Lynne F. Singer F
Joe Sorensen L
Randy & Lisa Stromsoe C
Lisa Tichenor T Dixie Walker C F
Greg Warren T
Art Watanabe C
Cort & Patricia Wilmott G