Gallery Exhibit Juror


- Juried Show 2022

Franceska Alexander, M.F.A.

Franceska Alexander, M.F.A. Franceska Alexander, M.F.A, has been involved in the art world since early childhood when her artist father began giving her art supplies and encouraging her to express her creativity. She studied art in Northern California at College of San Mateo, Monterey Peninsula College and Sierra College before continuing with private painters in Big Sur, Nevada City, Bay Area, Sacramento, Ireland, Cape Cod, and Venice. Her drive to visually express myself continually unfolds personally.  She completed a formal MFA in Creative Inquiry through painting and writing at C.I.I.S. and a degree in Expressive Arts Therapy.  Her mentorships include Leigh Hyams, Ronna Rio, Bob Burridge, and Meriel Gold, Michael David, Joan Snyder & Chris Hayman.
Alexander has exhibited her work in many shows here and abroad as well as in the galleries she has owned and managed, in Big Sur from 1988-95, the Mowen Solinsky Gallery 2004-2014 and The Alexander Gallery 2014-2018 in Nevada City and Bronze Silver Gold Gallery since 2021. 

In addition to painting and operating galleries, Franceska has been an art coach to many, from aspiring young artists to accomplished professionals. She is the author of “Gallery Ready, A Creative Blueprint for Visual Artists”.