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a view of Leffingwell by Tish Rogers zebra, crows landing field by Tish Rogers Santa Rosa Creek of Yesterdays by Pepe Apablaza Central Coast Ranch by Pepe Apablaza After the Rain by Pepe Apablaza Gardening Break by Judie Apablaza "2017-2022" by Marvin Sosna Still Life With Plum by Joe Sorensen Pink Rose by Joe Sorensen Sisters by Penny Fitzgerald Waiting by Penny Fitzgerald Isolation by Penny Fitzgerald Infrastructure by Carolyn Chambers "Towers of Bobble" by LARRY LE BRANE Fiscalini Ranch by Linda Huggins Country Stroll by Judith Skartvedt Moonstone Cypress by Patricia Willmott Wee Shack by Patricia Willmott Road to the Ranch by Patricia Willmott Circling the Sun by Dianne Draze Fireworks by Dianne Draze Tree by Dianne Draze Rusty Social Skills by Nancy Vest Walk along Moonstone beach by Eric Oksen White Hat by Kevin Boylan Natural Music by Nancy Vest Floral Strings by Nancy Vest Sycamore Grove by Judie Apablaza California Poppy Field by Judie Apablaza Benny, Piri Piri and Hubert by Chris Kratt Urban by Terry Dunn The Artist’s Tools by Cindy Stiles Cambria Coast by Cindy Stiles Wildfire Sky by Cindy Stiles Tapestry by Marvin Sosna Glass Milk Bottle by Eric Oksen Evening Biker by Joe Sorensen "Waves" Replica Wooden Surfboard by Roxanne Broadbent Sunset Replica Wooden Surfboard by Roxanne Broadbent Lindy's Garden by Holly McCain Asilomar by Tom Gould Moonstone by Tom Gould "Luster Teas by LARRY LE BRANE Monterosso Morning by Linda Huggins Leffingwell by Holly McCain San Simeon Creek Road 1890 by Art Van Rhyn Remembering Taylors' Barn by Art Van Rhyn Reclining Rose by Joe Sorensen San Simeon After the Rains by Sherry Andrews Earth by Kevin Boylan Moody Morning by Art Van Rhyn Midnight Dreamscape by Philip Colaprete Candy Dreams by Philip Colaprete Country Road by Cindy Stiles Filling the Falls by Judith Skartvedt