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Untitled by Marvin Sosna Lilacs by Marvin Sosna Daily Bread by Chris Kratt Then their Eyes were Opened by Sue Nash Pitcher With Fruit by Patricia Willmott Pico Creek Bridge by Patricia Willmott Al-Azhar Mosque at Dusk by Carolyn Chambers Morro Venus by Liz Hampton-Derivan Spring Walk with mom by Tish Rogers The Cove in San Simeon by Holly McCain They by Janet Morrell DaVinci Meets Klimt by Janet Morrell Ode to Wassily by Douglas Greenfield Cambria night scene by Eric Oksen Sunset at Avila by Eric Oksen Red and Yellow Flowers by Cindy Stiles South of San Francisco by Margaret Biggs West of 101 by Margaret Biggs Until Tomorrow by Margaret Biggs Sorrow by Margaret Biggs Pizza Night at Frida's by Tigg Morales Man and a Bird by Margo Ternstrom The Good Shepherd by Judie Apablaza Terra Incognita by Charlotte Daigle Sicialian Youths by Mary Anderson Samoan Man by Mary Anderson Giverny III by Charlotte Daigle Stars in My Hands by Lillian Kennard Buffalo Soldier by Ryan Pooley Goodbye Sangria Sky by Diane Moore Woman with Flowers by Diane Moore Untitled by Stephen Stahlman Alone by Stephen Stahlman Man with a Hoe by Stephen Stahlman Women Walking on the Beach by Mary Ann Wieland Girl with a Lantern by Mary Ann Wieland Jim and Claire by Mary Anderson Noble Boy by Mary Anderson Waiting our Turn by Tish Rogers Evolve by Holly McCain Love Eternal, a Mother's Dream by Holly McCain Nitwit Ridge by Holly McCain Cambrian Water Gardens by Judy Stokely Gloria’s Apricot Blossoms by Judy Stokely Shade by Janet Morrell Dinner by Eric Oksen The Pie Shop by Cindy Stiles Country House by Cindy Stiles Between the Clock and the Bench by Cindy Stiles