Showcase Submittal & Update

Showcase Submittal & Update

The Member Artist Showcase is a Member Benefit for any and all artists who would like to have a platform to show more of their work.

The way it works is very similar to our online exhibit venue. Artists can upload a picture of themselves, write a bio, and add up to 12 works of art. These works can be for sale or not. If the work is for sale and a patron purchases the piece, the artist will be informed by the Gallery. The artist must make arrangements with the buyer for delivery.

Artists can enter their virtual space using the Member Artist Submittal form (below) at any time to either start a new showcase of their art of to make changes. Simply enter your email address in the space under Artist Portfolio below to get started.

The information uploaded to this area is used to create the Gallery Artists Book found in the Gallery.

Artist Portfolio

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