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Linda DeRosa

Linda DeRosa Linda DeRosa, is a passionate abstract artist and landscape photographer. Her paintings are characterized by bold palette knife strokes, textures, and vibrant colors. Her eye for art has been trained since she was a little girl by her father who was an architect and fine art oil painter. She has discovered her own artistic voice through her use of countless combinations of textures, layers and colors. Linda’s biggest inspiration comes from her three children who are now adults with their own artistic pursuits. She is especially connected through artistic expression with her eldest son with severe autism. He has found a voice for himself through playing his grand piano while his mother paints. Connecting with him and the pieces he chooses to play has become a huge part of her creative process. Linda begins by choosing colors and planning desired contrast and then she gets absorbed in the rhythm of her son’s music. Through the long and rewarding journey with her oldest son, they’ve formed a sort of partnership where he enjoys spending hours each day creating music and she is right next to him creating artwork. He has been an inspiration to her whole family and his influence is apparent in her paintings, filled with energy and intensity.
Linda’s artistic vision extends to her photography of epic landscapes. For her, these expertly captured images are also fond memories of time spent with her daughter exploring Canadian National Parks. She has always been captivated by the contrasting landscape of Canada compared to her sunny home of California.
Linda is based out of the central coast of California where she lives with her husband, children, and several pets.

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