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Judith Skartvedt

Judith Skartvedt I left Minnesota a young, naive girl to become a stewardess for Pan Am. 42 years of seeing the world with Pan Am and Delta opened my eyes to the world, but it took decades for that awareness to be translated to photography.
I developed my passion shortly before having children. As is not unusual for women, my focus turned to them and I spent the next 20 years documenting their beauty. I only began to explore photography more fully when we began wintering in Florida to escape Ct. winters. Delray Beach has a wonderful Art Center and I began attending classes. That opened a whole new world for me for learning, sharing work and critiquing with other photographers. When we moved to Cambria full time 3 years ago I continued to study online on my own. At this point, I continue to be self taught. My work has been shown in Easton and Westport, CT, Delray and Pompano Beach, Fl, and Cambia and Morro Bay, Ca. I am very honored to have won several awards in Ct and CCAT Juried shows.

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