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Sheri Parisian

Sheri Parisian My love of clay all started in High School Art Class! I loved the way clay can express emotionally what I could not express in words. And the sensual quality of clay that is so satisfying while creating with it. I still love that. Also, the clay is somewhat like me, I think. It is what at first is fragile, yet becomes a stronger form. You could say that I am the same, sensitive and yet mostly invincible.

I start with a vague vision of my final construction and the emotion that I want to transmit. Sometimes with whimsey or lightness to share, sometimes with the concern for the difficulties that we all endure. The final piece is often its own. Something that I have merely watched as it is born.

Human form, bird forms and bird structures have become my passion and expression. One series is around my fantasy of becoming a bird. I hope that you will enjoy my explorations in clay, a much as I have!


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Much of my work is with high fired porcelain clay The high fire makes for a strong clay that won't break easily. We call it stone ware.
My forms included here are from the Human Form and Bird Structure collections.