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Sharon McCartney

Sharon McCartney My artwork reflects my refusal to adopt any certain "style", as I enjoy discovering new and fun techniques and making big messes. Up until this point I have never actively sold my art, choosing to inflict my family and friends with my "gifts" whether they wanted them or not. If I have any talent, I must attribute it to some special instructors in my past, the first being an acrylic artist by the name of Doug Oliver, gone but not forgotten, and became very famous in Scottsdale Arizona. Then there was a long dry spell until Steve Kellogg amped me up with his amazing watercolor classes. I do miss him. I am currently taking classes given by David J. Rogers in Morro Bay. I love his style and he is a lot of fun, and fun is what I am all about.

I am undisciplined and incorrigible, and I plan to stay that way. If it isn't fun I won't do it. If it is a choice between wine tasting and painting, I would probably choose the wine. That is the way it is. I have entered my art on this site because my kids told me to. LOL!

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Watercolor on Arches paper or canvas, some with ink added.