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Holly McCain

Holly McCain Born and raised in Massachusetts, I immersed myself in drawing and painting from an early age. I moved to the San Francisco Bay area in 1969. After receiving a BA in Art―Interior Design from San Jose State, I raised a family and worked as a designer, plant shop owner, and teacher before moving to Cambria in 2011. I've been happy living, painting and volunteering here ever since.

Discovering my paintbrushes again, along with an incredible group of artist friends, has been soul-nourishing. These friends introduced me to the Wednesday Irregulars who I credit for much of the growth I've been able to achieve in my work.

I love plein air painting, and I am immensely grateful to the Wednesday Irregulars for their critiques and influence on my work! The experience of painting outside surrounded by such beauty and quaintness is, to me, unmatchable. I would call my style “evolving” as I like to try new techniques and color palettes.

My work has been displayed at Cambria Center for the Arts and several galleries and other locations.

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