Gallery Art


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The Bluff Trail by Cindy Stiles After the Rain by Cindy Stiles Catching up with Harvey by Cindy Stiles Cutting Apples by Cindy Stiles Land Bound - Triage Series by Patrick Dennis Bleeding Out by Patrick Dennis Milano by Patrick Dennis Global Recovery - Triage Series by Patrick Dennis Moonstone Beach Glow by Claudia Mapes Morro Bay Waterfront by Claudia Mapes Santa Rosa Creek near Shamel Park by Claudia Mapes Santa Rosa Creek 2, Windsor Blvd. by Claudia Mapes Road into Cambria by Holly McCain Still Life with Vase by Holly McCain Bowl with Lemons by Holly McCain Kahlua and Cream by Holly McCain Cows On The Hills by Wendy Lynn Wright April Blossom by Wendy Lynn Wright After The Rain by Wendy Lynn Wright April Hills by Wendy Lynn Wright Urns by Kathy Miller Santa Rosa Gate by Kathy Miller Birdbath by Kathy Miller Balloon Animals by Kathy Miller Emerging by Todd Derr Serene Splash by Todd Derr Peekaboo by Todd Derr Sun Drenched by Todd derr Bubble on Board by Judy Maynard Moon Phases by Judy Maynard Alcohol Tree by Judy Maynard Camellia with Tangerine by Patricia Willmott Crock with Lemons, Lime, Tangerine by Patricia Willmott Blue and White with Fruit by Patricia Willmott A Pink Nose is a Healthy Nose by Phyllis G. Oliver I'm Stuffed by Phyllis G. Oliver Age is Proud by Phyllis G. Oliver He who Walks Among Us by Phyllis G. Oliver Forest Owl by Norma Eaton Rocky Creek by Norma Eaton The Owl and the Pussycat by Norma Eaton Night Owl by Norma Eaton Charolis Calf by Mona Snell Charolis Calf #2 by Mona Snell Blue Shadows by Mona Snell Heros by Mona Snell Proper Social Distancing by Michèle Karahalios The Old Stable by Michèle Karahalios Lake Cabin by Michèle Karahalios L'il Cypress by Michèle Karahalios Family Portrait by Linda Osburn Side by Side by Linda Osburn That's Amore' by Linda Osburn Bottle of Blues by Linda Osburn When Life Gives You Lemons by Linda Mollno Socially Distancing by Linda Mollno Pretty in Purple by Linda Mollno Positively Peonies by Linda Mollno Miu Miu by Cheri Sperl Boston by Cheri Sperl Fastidious by Cheri Sperl I'm Ready For My Closeup by Cheri Sperl Coffee Condiments by Amelia Placencia Posies by Amelia Placencia Roses in Blue Vase by Amelia Placencia Bouquet in Cut Crystal by Amelia Placencia Oriental Influences by Robert Ross Treeline Wisp by Robert Ross Bellowing Trees by Robert Ross Sanded Beach by Robert Ross Brandriff's Arch by Jim Ulrich Piedra Lumbre by Jim Ulrich From the Top by Jim Ulrich