Gallery Art


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Sticks and Stones by Deborah Pepin The Collection by Deborah Pepin Surfing the Sunset by Judith Skartvedt Convict Lake by Judith Skartvedt Birth by Thomas Pope Dying by Thomas Pope Journey by Thomas Pope Oceanicmorphism by Shigeko Kojima Nexus 7X by Shigeko Kojima Three Peaches and Cup by Cindy Stiles Backroad, Cambria by Cindy Stiles Cambria Pines by John Seed Red Tractor by Chris Kratt Farm on Hwy 46 by Holly McCain China Pots with Fruit by Patricia Willmott Fog’s End by Patricia Willmott Town Square by Patricia Willmott Grisaille Sea by Tom Gould Van Gordon Creek Deer by Tom Gould Froth by Tom Gould I Think I've Been Pixelated! by Judy Schuster I'm Diverse! by Judy Schuster Don't Look At Me Like That by Judy Schuster Ceramic Mask by Kevin Boylan Ceramic Jar by Kevin Boylan Sunrise Morro Bay by Marvin Sosna Sound And Fury by Marvin Sosna Guard Your Heart by Suzette Morrow Nurture Love by Suzette Morrow 1 of 2 by Margo Ternstrom 2 of 2 by Margo Ternstrom Rock Formation by Liz Hampton-Derivan Tidal by Liz Hampton-Derivan Rock Formation with Classical Greek Sketch by Liz Hampton-Derivan Winter storm 2 by Tish Rogers Cannery Row by Tish Rogers Cayucos Beach by Marvin Sosna A TRIP IN CAMBRIA by Dena & Helmut Kuhn Old Briefcase by Kevin Boylan Piedras Blancas Light House by Carolyn Pye Shoekeeper, Holocaust January 27 Remembrance Day by Bette Mittleman Hallucinations 1 by Deborah Pepin Salish Sea by Judith Skartvedt Among Friends by Cindy Stiles Path to the Beach by Holly McCain San Simeon Cove by Holly McCain Inspiration by Carolyn Chambers Sphereochromatism by Shigeko Kojima Put on Love Series by Suzette Morrow