Virtual Exhibit


Art Sherwyn

Born from years of experimentation with landscape and cityscapes, Art Sherwyn’s art exhibition will highlight works inspired by the town of Cambria. Choosing perspective as his challenge and Cambria as the story, Art took to the Cambrian streets for several months with his drawing pencil and sketchpad, searching for unique and engaging perspectives potentially deserving of time in the studio, a canvas, and acrylic paint. These works were inspired by the many abstract shapes, patterns and designs generated by the buildings’ windows, roof lines, stairs, doorways, and signage which adorn the architecture - views the normal eye might miss. He celebrated those views with engaging and often intense color schemes, intricate line work and implied textures. The works are created to be viewed both afar and up close. From afar, you see its overall compositional foundation, and up close you experience the detailed line work and the many smaller works of art within the entire piece. His works combine vibrant colors and mark making with his love for storytelling; viewers will experience Cambria from the unique perspectives of Art Sherwyn.

As an artist, Art Sherwyn is in a continuous state of inquiry and exploration. In the studio, his technical facilities merge with his fierce imagination and challenge the boundaries of playful form and expression. 1930’s blues guitars vibrate from a battered work radio, tennis balls wait in trays of wet paint, and works created from smoke & fire hang amongst his more traditional landscapes.
Art Sherwyn’s vigorous interpretations of life and landscape presently hang in many public and private collections across the globe. He continues to teach and travels the country offering lectures and workshops to audiences from all walks of life.

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