Virtual Exhibit


Denise Brill

Denise Brill Inspired by beauty in creation I have been drawing and painting ever since I was a small child.

A favorite quote from Dostoevsky ‘Beauty will save the world’ is a part of my belief system and I think we all need more beauty in our world right now.

So when I create I feel connected to the Creator and my desire is to bring beauty and thought for deeper meaning through my art.

I have taught art to children in the public schools for years in northern california which has broaden my scope of mediums to explore.

One of my delights is to create art together with my grandchildren in my art loft studio.

I work mostly in watercolors and post daily online art/sketch prayers.

I also work in oils and acrylic paints as well.

I hope you enjoy my paintings as well as being provoked into a spiritual contemplative space.

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