Virtual Exhibit


Ruthanne Howald

Ruthanne Howald Ruthanne began painting in 1978 under Betty Weis and Nixon Borah. She became an Activity Director in 1984 and traded her time painting into teaching the seniors under her care. She resumed painting when she moved to Cambria with her husband Werner in 2012 and both continue to serve others part time through Cherish Care. They met when Werner, a potter, came to a reception for her one-man show in Whittier and have had shows together in the first few years of their marriage. Although she has won awards for her paintings she says her favorite prize is Werner! Ruthanne likes to work with a lot of color in her paintings but also loves the calmness in her black and white drawings. Her love of color, nature and the joy found in her faith is expressed in each piece. Her favorite comment is:"You must be a very happy person!" I am, she says and I am so glad it shows!

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