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The Cutting Edge Group

The Cutting Edge Group The Cutting Edge Fiber Arts Group is comprised of fiber and textile artists from the San Luis Obispo County area. Members work with non-traditional and innovative techniques and materials to create art quilts and fiber art that transcend functional craft into the realm of fine art.

This theme can be taken literally or in a more esoteric manner. The one requirement for this challenge was that the primary color palette had to be in the yellow/orange color range. All pieces are 30" wide by 40" high.

Just west of San Luis Obispo, on the coast, is a state park called Montaña d’Oro. The coastal rocks are made of multiple layers of strata. Mountains of gold also brings to mind the gold rush in California. The yellow and orange palette of fall leaves. And above all, there is the wonderful world of the palette of yellows, oranges and gold, that has inspired us all.

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